Create Whiteboard Animation – Few Simple Tips

Create Whiteboard Animation – Few Simple Tips.jpg

A whiteboard animation allows you to draw on a whiteboard virtually to convey or explain a set of information or process. It is useful because it helps you explain complex information in a creative and friendly manner. With the option of voiceover in the background, you also have another medium to keep the viewer interested. It serves as a great educational tool as it simplifies the complex information and makes it entertaining.

There are few simple tips to follow if you want to create whiteboard animation. The first step in the process is to formulate a story. Nobody can resist the power of a good story. If are able to create an interesting story, your video is more likely to achieve its desired objective. Focus the story on your audience and their issues instead of your product or business. That will gather a better interest from the viewers.

Create Whiteboard Animation – Few Simple Tips 2.jpg

Creating your characters is the next step to create whiteboard animation. The characters should be a representation of your target audience so that they are able to relate to them while viewing the video. Animated characters have this ability to generate more interest than realistic figures.

The purpose of a whiteboard animation is to explain complex concepts in a simple manner, however, a subtle use of different colors to accentuate your viewpoint can be favorable but must be done prudently. For example, if you are to create whiteboard animation for your brand, you can use the prominent colors of your logo in the video.

Create Whiteboard Animation – Few Simple Tips 3.jpg

The drawing hand has to be visible throughout a whiteboard video. It is the most basic and important concept of a whiteboard video. So ensure to practice all the sketches before you start recording the process. The use of emotional referencing and interconnected drawings will keep the audience on their toes. They would want to know what comes next, which adds on to their interest.

Drawings, stories, relatable characters and a stimulating subject is the recipe for success. Actually, it’s the recipe for good entertainment, and, when people are having fun, they will learn faster and will remember for a long period of time. This is why whiteboard videos are such an influential learning tool.


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